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Pioneering a Sustainable Future: The Welsh Dairy Farming Pilot Project 2023

At Bliss Farms, we are excited to announce a groundbreaking pilot project aimed at revolutionizing Welsh dairy farming practices. By creating a 2023 baseline of ecological indicators aligned with the Welsh Government's 2025 Sustainable Farming Scheme, we aim to unlock future finance and offtake markets for our partner farms. Working closely with technology specialists and market partners, we are committed to delivering measurable benefits and supporting farmers in making effective management decisions.

The Pilot Project: An Overview

Our pilot project will cover 10-20 Welsh dairy farms, focusing on the implementation and assessment of sustainable farming practices. The project will measure progress across key ecological indicators, including:

  1. Nitrogen management: We will work with nitrogen modelling specialists to monitor and optimize nitrogen use efficiency on our partner farms, reducing nitrate leaching and minimizing environmental impacts.

  2. CO2e mapping: Collaborating with experts in carbon mapping, we will assess and track CO2e emissions across participating farms, identifying opportunities for reduction and sequestration.

  3. Biodiversity measurement: By employing cutting-edge technologies such as acoustic monitoring and satellite remote sensing, we will monitor biodiversity levels, helping farmers adopt practices that support a thriving ecosystem.

  4. Soil health: Utilizing eDNA analysis and other innovative techniques, we will evaluate and enhance soil health, ensuring the long-term productivity and sustainability of our partner farms.

Collaborative Partnerships for Success

To ensure the success of this pilot project, Bliss Farms is partnering with technology and market experts who share our commitment to sustainable agriculture:

  1. Technology specialists: We will collaborate with leading ag-tech startups and researchers specializing in nitrogen modeling, CO2e mapping, biodiversity measurement, and soil health analysis. These partnerships will enable us to harness cutting-edge technologies and deliver accurate, actionable data to our partner farms.

  2. Market partners: By working with retailers, food processors, and agrifood startups, we aim to secure offtake agreements and future finance opportunities for our partner farms, promoting long-term economic sustainability.

Join Us in Transforming Welsh Dairy Farming

We are currently signing up Welsh dairy farmers for this pioneering pilot project. If you are passionate about sustainable agriculture and looking to future-proof your farm, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey. Together, we can create a more sustainable, resilient, and prosperous dairy industry in Wales and beyond, fostering a healthier planet for generations to come.


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