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Co-founder & Chair

Ronald Akkerman brings his extensive expertise and innovative spirit to Bliss Farms, playing a crucial role in supporting the launch and strategic direction of the venture. A veteran of the dairy industry with more than 25 years of experience, Ronald's entrepreneurial journey is marked by his significant contributions to the sector, particularly in dairy processing businesses such as Mona Dairy, which he co-founded with David and leads as CEO.

With his roots in the Netherlands, Ronald possesses a unique ability to bridge UK and continental cheese production, bringing a global perspective to Bliss Farms. His strategic thinking and deep understanding of the dairy industry are invaluable as Bliss Farms embarks on its mission to revolutionize the food system through regenerative agriculture. Ronald's expertise in project finance initiatives is especially crucial in creating transformational entities within the food system, aligning perfectly with Bliss Farms' goals.

At Mona Dairy, Ronald has demonstrated his knack for innovation and leadership, focusing on building a diverse and exceptional team to drive the business forward and achieve ambitious goals. His involvement in Bliss Farms extends this ethos, supporting the venture through partnership arrangements with his dairy processing businesses, thereby leveraging his vast network and experience to ensure Bliss Farms' success.

For Bliss Farms, Ronald provides supports and guidance to its strategic development, embodying a commitment to sustainability, innovation, and the transformation of the agriculture sector towards more regenerative practices.

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