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Wayne Gibbins, Founder and CEO of Bliss Farms, has dedicated the past six years to researching and working within the regenerative food and farming space. His academic journey at the Royal Agricultural University built on the foundations of his deep dive into regenerative agriculture, where he investigated the  intersections of regenerative agriculture, technologies such as blockchain, and regenerative finance. Wayne's commitment to transforming food systems is driven by a vision to empower farmers through investment, technical support, and the development of profitable food markets enabled by the transition to regenerative farming.

At Bliss Farms, Wayne's approach is centred on pragmatic solutions and credible advancements in the field of regenerative agriculture. Wayne's goal is to establish regenerative farming as the standard for ensuring environmental stewardship, enhancing rural communities, and securing the future profitability of farmers. Through Bliss Farms, he is making strides towards a more sustainable and regenerative future for agriculture, believing that effective change is not only possible but essential for our planet's health and our collective well-being.

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