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We're looking to discuss various opportunities with UK dairy farmers


Would you consider receiving investment in your land and farm business to accelerate your regenerative journey whilst freeing up some working capital and funds for your family? We are looking to speak with farmers on what this approach might look like. Our goal is to build a portfolio of regenerative farms, initially in dairy, where the farmers retain control of the business and we operate as an investment partner, supporting farmers in a number of key areas that help them create value in modern market conditions.


One step we are taking is to evaluate the best way to measure, report and verify (MRV), critical data around carbon or CO2e, soil health, often as SOC, and biodiversity. We're doing this with technology partners that combine on the ground measurements with the latest AI and satellite tools. On the ground includes photos (plants and trees), audio recording (birds), traps (pollinators and beetles) and other techniques such as core samples for SOC. This results in a report which is internationally recognised by the market. (We're basically building an ecosystem of tech partners glued together with a benchmarking platform to help farmers understand and work with the underlying data)


Within the dairy sector, we believe the solution to regenerative acceleration is in the steady improvement utilising techniques within regenerative, sustainable and circular approaches. From grazing management to sward diversification, genetics and breeding, parlour management, agroforestry and hedge management, renewable energy and slurry management. Small improvements across each of these dimensions which shifts the cost of inputs such as fuel, feed and fertiliser towards zero, boosting on farm profitability whilst improving the conditions of the herd and the local ecoystem.


Our regenerative journey doesn't end at the farm gate. We will work with our dairy farm partners to develop regenerative food brands to add value to their hard work. Cheese and products like kefir, as fermented dairy are considered health foods. We will also measure critical nutrient components to benchmark against industry and demonstrate our products are genuinely better for human health than our competitors.


We understand some farmers don't have succession plans, or are wanting to move out of dairy. If you'd like to discuss selling your farm which is on or off the market at present we'd be happy to listen to your needs and figure out a way we can ensure good value and potential to work with us over time to transition out or a more direct approach.

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