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If you're working on or have deployed any of the technologies listed on the right and are keen to talk please drop us a line at

We are on the lookout for innovative technologies that can support the agricultural sector, especially in dairy, livestock and mixed farming. Here are some of the areas we are currently exploring or looking to form alliances with. The 3 pillars are sustainable, regenerative and circular; where they meet is our sweet spot!

  • Artificial Intelligence: We're interested in AI applications for supply chain management, farm management, dMRV, livestock management, biodiversity and other ecological assessments, and water management

  • Satellite Remote Sensing: We're exploring applications in livestock management, climate, biodiversity, nitrogen, crop analysis, farm analysis, and habitation zones

  • Robotics: We're looking at applications within dairy, livestock, mixed farming; especially where the robotic systems can augment human activity vs replace or add significant value enhancements over just work

  • Renewable Energy Providers: We're interested in smart renewables applicable to farms; containerized battery units, solar PV, wind - at farm scale; including EV charging systems

  • Epigenomics: We're exploring its application to livestock management.

  • Nutrient Density and Nutrient Profiling: We're looking for technologies to measure nutrients in real-time and deeper lab based approaches: GC-MS

  • Soil Health Monitoring Systems: We're interested in lab-based, mobile / site lab or real-time sensors (solid-state etc)

  • eDNA: We're exploring its application to soil health, biodiversity and other farm applications

  • Mobile Housing: We're looking at smart or less smart mobile housing for livestock to support seasonal requirements with the ability to move between farms

  • Electric Farm Vehicles: We're interested in this area as well

If you have a novel product or service in any of these areas, or if you're working on something we haven't listed here but you think we should know about, please get in touch. We're always open to new ideas and partnerships.

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