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Cultivating regenerative abundance for a thriving planet


Bliss Farms is dedicated to transforming the agricultural paradigm by pioneering regenerative practices that not only heal the land but also nourish our communities. We are driven by the conviction that this approach to farming can regenerate our planet, creating a thriving ecosystem for future generations.


Our mission is to drive the transition towards regenerative agriculture through application of finance, technology and market development. By investing in and supporting farms that share our vision, we aim to produce nutrient-dense, healthy foods that contribute positively to both human health and ecosystem health.

We achieve this through the following activities:

  • A Regenerative Finance Investment Fund to support the adoption of regenerative farming practices, starting with UK dairy farms

  • Collaborating with leading technology partners to evaluate our farms ecological baseline using advanced dMRV techniques, enabling alignment with retail standards and voluntary markets and full market transparency and traceability

  • Accelerating the regenerative transition through application of regenerative, sustainable and circular approaches supported by an expert network of technical support, technology partners and mission aligned farmer networks with events and training

  • Opening new markets for vertically integrated products, part owned by farmers, to ensure a higher and fairer share of the food spend for farmers while delivering food that is beneficial to human health

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