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Not an Investment Promotion

Please note that the information provided on this page is not intended to promote any specific investments. It is designed to provide an overview of our vision and the potential opportunities for collaboration in the field of regenerative agriculture. We adhere strictly to FCA regulations, ensuring that all information provided here is in full compliance.


Welcome to the Investors page of Bliss Farms. We are deeply committed to cultivating regenerative abundance for a thriving planet and establishing regenerative farming as the standard. We recognize the critical roles technology and finance play in promoting regenerative agriculture, and we are always open to discussions that can further our mission.


We welcome discussions with professional investors, funds, and other entities interested in the following opportunities:


Our vision for the regenerative dairy fund involves investing in land under transition to regenerative agriculture or agroforestry. This fund will support the transformation of conventional farming practices to regenerative ones, promoting biodiversity, soil health, and overall ecosystem resilience whilst building long term revenue and profitability.


We are also interested in creating a transition finance pot to support farmers in their journey to regenerative agriculture. This finance pot will provide the necessary resources for farmers to adopt regenerative practices, ensuring long-term profitability while safeguarding the environment.


We are looking to develop a co-investment vehicle for regenerative agtech and agrifood companies. This vehicle will focus on enhancing food markets, supply chains, and agroecological monitoring and management. We believe that technology and innovation are key to advancing regenerative agriculture and creating a sustainable food system.

If you would like to discuss these opportunities further, we would be happy to set up a call. Please contact us at

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