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Regenerative Business Models

Updated: Feb 19

I wanted to share this latest research paper from a team including Jan Konietzko known for amongst other things his carbon tunnel vision visual (included below if you're unfamiliar). This post is just an information share rather than an analysis at this stage though it's likely we'll revisit this soon!

This latest paper looks at developing regenerative business models including the intersection of regenerative, sustainable, and circular practices, mindsets, and models.

I wanted to share this as it appeared on our radar this week and is no doubt useful for farming and food brands, strategists, policymakers, and investors to consider.

At Bliss Farms we are in the process of evolving our regenerative business model whilst exploring how regenerative, sustainable, and circular principles, practices, and technologies can be applied on farms, in logistics, and throughout the agrifood supply chain, from regenerative agriculture practices to renewable energy, and waste and by-product valorisation. We're also trying to avoid the carbon tunnel vision syndrome encouraging holistic thinking around a diverse array of economic, ecological/environmental, and social dimensions (think biodiversity, nitrogen management, carbon, pricing, pollution, and animal welfare).


The carbon tunnel vision concept:


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