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Advisor: Farm Performance & Data

Duncan Rawson, with his extensive background in agricultural strategy and management, serves as a Strategic Advisor for Bliss Farms, focusing on dairy strategy, management, and financial modelling. His tenure as Chair of Evolution Farming, where he oversaw operations spanning 3400 cows across 10 sites, has equipped him with unparalleled expertise in scaling and optimising dairy production. Duncan's journey in agri-food business development spans over 15 years at the European Food and Farming Partnership (EFFP), where he has pioneered the development and execution of innovative supply chains and business strategies. His role was instrumental in fostering the Origins concept with Kellogg's, transforming it into a global scheme that enhanced the company's engagement with its growers. Duncan's influence extends across Europe, from supporting rice growers in Spain to working with arable farmers in Germany, while continuing his involvement with the UK project and its network of 20 farmers. At Bliss Farms, Duncan applies his vast experience to drive the development of sustainable and profitable dairy operations.

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