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Advisor: Regenerative / Finance

Harry Farnsworth is an integral part of Bliss Farms, where he lends his expertise to support both strategic and operational development. With a background that spans agriculture and food in commercial and operational roles, Harry brings a practical and insightful perspective to our team. He holds a Master's degree in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security, equipping him with a deep understanding of regenerative practices and their importance in today's agricultural landscape. 

Harry's recent experience is in agricultural commodity supply chain suitability and agricultural banking, both at Control Union and now with Rabo Bank's regenerative team, providing him with a solid foundation in agricultural finance. His academic research focused on identifying the barriers to entry for regenerative agriculture among UK farmers, further informing his approach to overcoming challenges in regenerative farming. At Bliss Farms, Harry's contributions are vital in driving forward our mission of sustainable and regenerative agriculture, ensuring our strategic goals are met with innovative and operationally sound practices.

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