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Those Who Inspire Us at Bliss Farms

At Bliss Farms, our journey towards a sustainable and regenerative future has been shaped by the insights, wisdom, and experiences of numerous visionaries, organizations, and movements. The inspiration we draw from these remarkable individuals and groups fuels our passion for promoting ecological and agricultural innovation. In this blog post, we'd like to pay tribute to those who have inspired us along the way.

  1. Paul Stamets: Mycologist, author, and advocate for the use of fungi in agriculture, medicine, and environmental restoration, Stamets has been a driving force in the exploration of the potential of mushrooms to heal the planet.

  2. Kate Raworth: An economist and the creator of the "Doughnut Economics" concept, Raworth has challenged traditional economic thinking and proposed a more sustainable and holistic economic model.

  3. Charles Eisenstein: A speaker, philosopher, and author, Eisenstein has inspired many with his insightful perspectives on the transition to a more sustainable, regenerative, and just society.

  4. Bill Mollison: Known as the "Father of Permaculture," Mollison co-developed the concept of permaculture with David Holmgren, laying the foundation for a global movement of ecological design and sustainable living.

  5. Gabe Brown: A pioneering regenerative farmer, Brown has shared his experiences and knowledge to demonstrate the power of regenerative agriculture in building soil health, sequestering carbon, and enhancing farm profitability.

  6. Mark, Marcus and the team at New Foundation Farms: This UK-based group is working on how regenerative agriculture can be scaled up to transform the food system, working together with farmers, investors, and communities.

  7. The team at Groundswell: Through their annual conference, the Groundswell team has created a platform for sharing knowledge, ideas, and innovations in regenerative agriculture and conservation.

  8. Oxford Real Farming Conference: This event brings together farmers, activists, and researchers to explore practical solutions for building a more sustainable and just food system.

  9. Koen van Seijen: As the host of the "Investing in Regenerative Agriculture" podcast, van Seijen has highlighted the role of investment in driving the transition to a regenerative food system.

  10. Kiss the Ground: This organization has been instrumental in spreading awareness about the importance of soil health and the potential of regenerative agriculture to combat climate change.

  11. 3LM: A leading provider of Holistic Management training and resources, 3LM has empowered farmers to make more informed decisions and implement regenerative practices on their land.

  12. Rodale Institute: With decades of research and advocacy, the Rodale Institute has been a pioneer in the organic and regenerative agriculture movement.

  13. Savory Network: By promoting holistic management and regenerative grazing practices, the Savory Network has helped farmers and ranchers around the world improve their land and livelihoods.

  14. Mad Agriculture: This organization works to support farmers in adopting regenerative practices, while also engaging consumers and businesses in fostering a healthier food system.

  15. Soil Capital: By providing financial solutions and support, Soil Capital has enabled farmers to transition to regenerative agriculture and improve their environmental and financial outcomes.

  16. Elaine Ingham: A soil microbiologist and educator, Ingham has been a leading voice in promoting the importance of soil life and its role in agricultural productivity and sustainability.

  17. Terra Genesis: This regenerative design consultancy has worked with businesses and organizations to develop and implement strategies that promote ecological and social regeneration.

  18. Dieter Helm: An economist and author, Helm has written extensively on the need for a "green and prosperous land" and has advocated for policy changes to support a more sustainable future.

  19. Chris Smaje: A farmer and author, Smaje has explored the potential of small-scale farming in fostering sustainable and resilient food systems, shedding light on the importance of agroecology and localized agriculture.

  20. Aldo Leopold: A pioneering conservationist and writer, Leopold's land ethic and holistic view of the natural world have inspired generations of environmentalists and regenerative practitioners.

  21. David Holmgren: Along with Bill Mollison, Holmgren co-developed the concept of permaculture, providing a framework for sustainable living and land use practices that respect ecological principles.

  22. Jeff Lowenfels: A garden writer and advocate for soil health, Lowenfels has promoted the importance of nurturing the life beneath our feet, emphasizing the role of soil microbes in plant nutrition and soil fertility.

  23. David Montgomery: A geologist and author, Montgomery has brought attention to the global crisis of soil degradation and the potential of regenerative agriculture to rebuild our planet's soils.

  24. Nassim Taleb: A risk analyst, philosopher, and author, Taleb has offered valuable insights into the importance of resilience, antifragility, and adaptability in both natural and human systems.

  25. Donald Hoffman: A cognitive scientist and philosopher, Hoffman has provided groundbreaking perspectives on the nature of reality, perception, and consciousness, inspiring us to question our assumptions and seek deeper understanding.

  26. Joseph Campbell: A renowned mythologist and writer, Campbell's work on the hero's journey and the power of myth has inspired our own journey and the vision behind Bliss Farms.

  27. P.A. Yeomans: An Australian engineer and inventor, Yeomans developed the Keyline Design system, a pioneering approach to water management and landscape design that has influenced regenerative agriculture practices worldwide.

  28. Richard Perkins: A regenerative agriculture educator, consultant, and farmer, Perkins has been instrumental in demonstrating the potential of small-scale, diversified, and profitable farming systems. Through his work at Ridgedale Permaculture in Sweden and his educational efforts, he has inspired countless farmers and land stewards to adopt regenerative practices and strive for agricultural innovation.

  29. Vandana Shiva - An Indian scholar, environmental activist, and anti-globalization author, Vandana Shiva has been a prominent figure in promoting biodiversity, seed saving, and traditional farming practices. She founded the Research Foundation for Science, Technology, and Ecology, and has authored numerous books on these subjects.

  30. Allan Savory - As a Zimbabwean ecologist, farmer, and co-founder of the Savory Institute, Allan Savory has developed the holistic management framework for restoring grasslands and improving livestock management. His work focuses on using livestock to mimic natural grazing patterns and revitalize degraded land, sequester carbon, and increase soil fertility.

  31. Wes Jackson - A plant geneticist and founder of The Land Institute, Wes Jackson has been a pioneer in researching sustainable agriculture and perennial crops. His work focuses on developing perennial grain crops that can reduce soil erosion, increase soil fertility, and support diverse ecosystems, while providing nutritious food for people.

  32. Masanobu Fukuoka - A Japanese farmer and philosopher, Masanobu Fukuoka is best known for his book "The One-Straw Revolution," which introduced the concept of "do-nothing farming" or natural farming. His approach emphasizes minimal intervention, biodiversity, and the use of natural processes to maintain healthy, productive agricultural systems.

  33. Eric Toensmeier - An American author, lecturer, and perennial agriculture expert, Eric Toensmeier has been influential in promoting the adoption of perennial crops, agroforestry, and carbon farming practices. His books, such as "The Carbon Farming Solution" and "Perennial Vegetables," provide in-depth knowledge and practical advice for implementing regenerative agriculture practices.

  34. Ethan Soloviev - As Chief Innovation Officer at Applegate, a leading natural and organic meat company, and a global expert in regenerative agriculture, Ethan focuses on transforming agricultural supply chains and promoting regenerative practices. Co-author of "Levels of Regenerative Agriculture," he actively develops market-based solutions to drive positive change in the food system, working at the intersection of agriculture, business, and sustainability.

These remarkable individuals, along with the organizations and movements they represent, have helped shape our understanding of regenerative agriculture and its potential to transform the way we produce food and care for our environment. At Bliss Farms, we are grateful for their contributions and seek to honor their wisdom and guidance as we strive to create a more sustainable and just agricultural system.


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